Couldery Collection


The Couldery Collection is named for Bertram (1839-1911) and Cecilia Couldery (1842 – 1904).  The Couldery family were from Great Britain.  They travelled through Belleville in the 1880s and decided to keep a second home here.   They were actively collecting fine art and antiquities in the late 1800s.
Bertram and Cecilia Couldery left Belleville and returned to Great Britain in the 1890s.  They maintained close connections to the Docter family of Belleville and Ann Docter accompanied them to England.  She later inherited their collection of fine art and furnishings.   The Couldery Collection was donated to the City of Belleville by Ann Doctor Salaman in the 1950s.
Highlights include 19th century oriental cloisonné, European clocks, decorative art, marquetry furniture and silver. Framed works of art including oils, watercolours, pastels and sketches form a large portion of the collection.  This collection is typical of the furnishings and decorative arts that may have been found at Glanmore.
Many of the paintings on display at Glanmore are attributed to the Coulderys.  Cecilia specialized in portraits, her husband Bertram in landscapes, and his older brother Horatio Henry Couldery (1832 – 1918) in animals.
Forty-two animal paintings by Horatio Henry Couldery give Glanmore’s Couldery Collection international significance. In the 2007 Dogs in Canada Annual this collection of canine art is described as

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]“one of the most extraordinary collections of Victorian dog and animal paintings in the world.”[/quote]