Volunteer Spotlight

Today is the last day of National Volunteer Week in Canada. This week you may have seen posts on our social media highlighting our volunteers. We wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to learn more about some of the great people that work hard to make Glanmore such a great place to visit. Below you will find profiles on just a few of the many excellent volunteers to give their time to Glanmore.

Lindi Pierce

Volunteer Lindi Pierce working in the office at Glanmore National Historic Site

Lindi Pierce has been a volunteer at Glanmore since 2010. She started volunteering after she saw Glanmore’s bi-monthly newsletter and thought “Why not? I love the house and I love old architecture”. It was Lindi’s mother who got her into looking at old houses, and she always loved it from the time she was a child. Her educational background is in art history, and she has taken history of architecture courses as well. Lindi helps out at Glanmore in many ways; she is a member of the advisory committee, and she is on the executive for Friends of Glanmore, which involves helping with teas and plant sales. She has helped with tours and collections, and is now working as a self-proclaimed “database diva”.

Why Lindi loves volunteering at Glanmore: “Being a part of it. I love the staff. You always learn something new. I guess that’s my motivation for doing anything”.

Lindi is a passionate writer whose work has been featured in Country Roads, County and Quinte Living and the Historical Society’s newsletter Outlook. Lindi also has a blog: Ancestral Roofs.

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Bob Fair

Volunteer Bob Fair posing in from of the main stairway at Glanmore National Historic Site

Bob Fair has been a volunteer at Glanmore for less than a year. Bob’s long history of being involved in architectural conservancy drew him to Glanmore after moving to Belleville to be closer to family. Bob is a former school principal who lived in Port Hope, a premier town for architectural significance in Ontario. He was on the provincial executive of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, a registered charity aiming to preserve buildings and structures of architectural merit and places of natural beauty. Currently, Bob is a member of the Friends of Glanmore. Bob has also helped out on tours by learning about a specific area of the house and answering questions from visitors about that area.

Bob’s favourite thing about volunteering at Glanmore: “Learning about this National Historic Site”.

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Linda Connelly

Volunteer Linda Connelly poses at the reception desk at Glanmore National Historic Site

Linda Connelly has been volunteering at Glanmore for a year and a half. She was new to Belleville and was introduced to Glanmore through someone who was already a member of Friends of Glanmore. Linda was drawn to volunteering at Glanmore because she is interested in architectural history, and joining Friends of Glanmore was a great opportunity to meet and work with new people. She is now the Treasurer of Friends of Glanmore and spends one afternoon per week at the reception desk. An avid baker, Linda always contributes treats to events and activities hosted by Friends of Glanmore.

Linda’s favourite things about volunteering at Glanmore: “I enjoy the visitors, especially ones who have come for the first time”. Linda also appreciates learning about the history and working with a great group of people.

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Mary Jean Carty

Volunteer Mary Jean Carty poses in front of a painting of a woman and dog overlooking a waterfall attributed to Bertram Couldery at Glanmore National Historic Site.

Mary Jean Carty joined Friends of Glanmore in January 1999. After retiring from her career as a Teacher Librarian, Mary Jean was invited by a friend who was already a Friend of Glanmore to join the group. Mary Jean’s degree in Library Science has been very useful to her in her volunteer efforts; she spent years organizing research files at Glanmore, and she now works on the books in the library. Mary Jean does not spend all of her volunteer time confined to the office, however, she enjoys being around people and has spent time working on the reception desk and helping out with children’s programming. She also helps out with fundraising events hosted by Friends of Glanmore.

Mary Jean is pictured above with a painting attributed to Bertram Couldery which she sponsored for conservation.

What Mary Jean has to say about volunteering at Glanmore: “I’ve done a lot of volunteer work, but this is my favourite”.

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We would also like to give a big thank-you to the Friends of Glanmore who were not individually profiled here, but whose support of Glanmore National Historic Site is greatly appreciated.