Women’s History

What Is One Issue Facing Canadian Women Today?

The exhibit “Nice Women Don’t Want the Vote”  examines the history of the suffragist movement in Manitoba.  In 1916, Manitoba was the first of all Canadian provinces to grant some women the right to vote.   Ontario followed suit in 1916.  It is hoped that the exhibit will inspire women, men and children to keep thinking and working for justice and freedom for all in Canadian society. The exhibit ask
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Nice Women Don’t Want the Vote – Exhibit

“NICE WOMEN DON’T WANT THE VOTE.” Glanmore National Historic Site Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Women Winning the Right to Vote Taking its title from a phrase uttered by Manitoba’s illustrious Premier, Sir Rodmond Roblin, during a heated exchange with Nellie McClung, “Nice Women Don’t Want the Vote,” an exhibit developed by the Manitoba Museum, is now open at Glanmore N
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