Staff Artifact Pick Video: 1905 Doll in BGH Nurse’s Uniform

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Staff Artifact Pick: 1905 Doll in BGH Nurse’s Uniform Watch the video as Administrative and Collections Assistant Danielle highlights the fascinating story of this doll. [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]   According to oral history the doll was given to Lena Sharpe in 1905.  Lena was a young girl undergoing cancer treatment at Belleville General Hospital.  Unfortunately,

Staff Artifact Pick: Body Basket

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Staff Artifact Pick: Wicker Body Basket Just in time for Halloween!    Creepy or Fascinating?  You decide! Watch as Administrative and Collections Assistant Danielle tells you about her staff pick: a wicker body basket. [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]PLACE_LINK_HERE[/youtube] The body basket was made at the Tickell Furniture Factory in Belleville.   George S. Tickell ran his

Artifact Pick: Mousetrap

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Artifact Pick:  Mousetrap Watch Education and marketing coordinator, Melissa, as she shows her staff pick: a handmade mousetrap. [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]PLACE_LINK_HERE[/youtube] This wood and wire mousetrap was made by Andrew Heller.  He came from Germany to live in the Quinte region as a young man in the early to mid 1800s. The mousetrap is hand-carved

Staff Artifact Pick: Senator Corby’s Chair

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Staff Artifact Pick: Senator Corby’s Chair Join Fleming College Museum Management and Curatorship Intern, Shannon, as she shares her staff pick: Senator Henry Corby Jr’s chair.   [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]PLACE_LINK_HERE[/youtube]   Henry “Harry” Corby Jr. (1851-1917) was an Ontario businessman and political figure.  He represented Hastings West as a Conservative member of the Canadian House of

Staff Pick: Fire Fighter’s Helmet

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Watch summer student, Nicholas, as he shows his staff pick: a fire fighter’s helmet from the late 1800s.   [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]PLACE_LINK_HERE[/youtube] The helmet is made from several pieces of bronze that are riveted together. Inside there is a leather skull cap to protect the wearer from heat damage. It is embossed with pictures of

Staff Pick: Cocoa Set

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Join Museum Intern, Shannon, as she tells you about her favourite artifact, a Victorian Cocoa Set. [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]PLACE_LINK_HERE[/youtube] Drinking chocolate, was first introduced to Western Europe by the Spainiards in the 17th Century.  Hernán Cortés, a Spanish Conquistador is credited with bringing the delicious drink to Europe after learning about it from the Aztecs in

Staff Pick: Portrait of Edmund Murney

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Watch Curator, Rona, as she describes her artifact pick: an enameled daguerreotype of Edmund Murney from the Regional collection. [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]PLACE_LINK_HERE[/youtube] This artifact is an enameled daguerreotype of the Honourable Edmund Murney. It is part of the Regional Collection, currently on display in the library at Glanmore.   Murney was a lawyer and the

Staff Pick Video: Harp Lute

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Watch Weekend Receptionist, Mary Jane, as she describes her artifact pick: a mid-19th century harp lute from the Couldery collection. [youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube] This artifact is an ebonized harp-lute with gilt tracery in a floral decoration with 14 strings. The harp-lute is also called the dital harp. An invention of Edward Light of London in

Staff Pick Video: Stereographoscope

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Watch Education and Marketing Coordinator, Melissa, as she describes her artifact pick: a stereographoscope from the Regional Collection. The stereographoscope was a very popular household item in the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1900 it is estimated that every household would have had a stereoscope. The bottom section with two lenses is the stereoscope, used

Staff Pick Video: Charcoal Iron

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Watch as Museum Technician, Dave, talks about his pick: a late 19th century charcoal iron. This artifact is a charcoal iron from the late 19th century. The charcoal iron is a self-heating iron that allows for continuous use. Unlike the sadiron, which was heated externally on a stove and which required frequent stops to switch