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Pride Photo Collage

Discover the Artifacts in our Pride Photo Collage Belleville is celebrating Pride Week June 4-9!  The festivities culminate with a Pride in the Park Celebration on Saturday, June 9. In honour of Pride Week, and June as Pride Month, Glanmore National Historic Site has released a photo collage of artifacts from the museum collection to recreate the colours of the Pride flag.   Here is some information about each o
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Join us for an Exhibit Opening – August 17, 2017 – 7 to 9 pm

An exhibit opening celebration for Old-Fashioned: 150 years of Belleville’s Apparel, will be held on Thursday, August 17, 2017 from 7 to 9 pm. All are welcome to attend. Admission is free!
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Artifact Pick: Mousetrap

Artifact Pick:  Mousetrap Watch Education and marketing coordinator, Melissa, as she shows her staff pick: a handmade mousetrap. This wood and wire mousetrap was made by Andrew Heller.  He came from Germany to live in the Quinte region as a young man in the early to mid 1800s. The mousetrap is hand-carved with three traps that are triggered by wires. It is interesting to think that in the past people faced some of th
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Staff Pick: Portrait of Edmund Murney

Watch Curator, Rona, as she describes her artifact pick: an enameled daguerreotype of Edmund Murney from the Regional collection. This artifact is an enameled daguerreotype of the Honourable Edmund Murney. It is part of the Regional Collection, currently on display in the library at Glanmore.   Murney was a lawyer and the first clerk of the peace in Belleville, Ontario. He represented Hastings in the Legislative
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Staff Pick Video: Stereographoscope

Watch Education and Marketing Coordinator, Melissa, as she describes her artifact pick: a stereographoscope from the Regional Collection. The stereographoscope was a very popular household item in the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1900 it is estimated that every household would have had a stereoscope. The bottom section with two lenses is the stereoscope, used for viewing 3D images. The larger lense on the top is the g
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Staff Pick Video: Charcoal Iron

Watch as Museum Technician, Dave, talks about his pick: a late 19th century charcoal iron. This artifact is a charcoal iron from the late 19th century. The charcoal iron is a self-heating iron that allows for continuous use. Unlike the sadiron, which was heated externally on a stove and which required frequent stops to switch off bases that became too cool, the charcoal iron provided a continuous source of heat which
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Conservation of Artifacts at Queen’s University

Conservation of Artifacts at Queen’s University The Master of Arts Conservation Program at Queen’s University in Kingston celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2015. This program trains students in the conservation and repair of paintings, paper and objects. Students work on artifacts from museums and galleries, and sometimes private individuals. Glanmore National Historic Site  has been sending paintings and arti
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Belleville Kilties Uniform Now on Display

A 1906 uniform worn by a member of the world famous Belleville Kilties Band is now on display at Glanmore National Historic Site.  The uniform was donated to Glanmore’s Regional Collection by a descendant of one of the band members. Established in 1898, the Kilties were primarily a brass band with 40 members. They played locally in the summer and traveled the vaudeville circuit in the winter.  Between 1904-1910
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Featured Artifact – Kilties Souvenir Album

Belleville Kilties Souvenir Album  – The Belleville Kilties Band, was established in 1898 as an offshoot of the 48th Highlander Band from Toronto. This souvenir album commemorating their very successful World Tour was sold for a few cents before and after each performance.   The Kilties were a brass band, composed of 40 members who wore striking kilts and featured a trained choir of 16 voices as well as bag pip
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