Staff Pick: Feature Artifact Videos

Staff Pick: Artifact Feature Videos Learn more about artifacts in our collection from museum staff: Rona’s Picks: Daguerreotype of Edmund Murney Melissa’s Picks: Souvenir Photo Booklet Stereographoscope Mousetrap Danielle’s Picks: Imari Charger Body Basket Doll in BGH Nurse’s Uniform Dave’s Picks:  Can you guess what this is? Charcoal Iron Mary Jane’s Picks:  Harp-Lute Seasonal Sta
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Ask a Curator Day – Sept. 16/15

Ask a Curator Day Wednesday, September 16, 2015 Staff at Glanmore will be participating in a world-wide social media event  on #Askacurator Day, September 16, 2015, by live tweeting answers to your questions.   Ever wondered what the oldest object in the collection is?  Or, how a curator decides what to accept into a collection? How about the funniest comment ever received by a museum visitor?  Ask a Curator Day can
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Get your questions ready for Ask a Curator Day – September 18, 2013

Glanmore National Historic Site is gearing up for a busy day on social media.   Ask a Curator Day, on September 18, 2013, is a way for the public to talk to curators and professionals in cultural venues to which they normally don’t have access. It’s open to everyone – museums, galleries, historic or cultural buildings, theatres – and participants can ask them anything they’re curious about or want m
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