Sir Mackenzie Bowell

Sir Mackenzie Bowell was Canada’s fifth Prime Minister, after being in politics for 25 years. Before winning a seat in the House of Commons, Mackenzie Bowell was a printer’s apprentice. Born in 1823, his family emigrated from England to Canada when he was a boy, and settled in Belleville. Soon after, he became an apprentice at The Intelligencer newspaper. In 1847, he became one of the papers partners and in 1850 he b
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Staff Pick: Fire Fighter’s Helmet

Watch summer student, Nicholas, as he shows his staff pick: a fire fighter’s helmet from the late 1800s.   The helmet is made from several pieces of bronze that are riveted together.  Inside there is a leather skull cap to protect the wearer from heat damage. It is embossed with pictures of fire fighting equipment, the Maltese cross and a fire breathing dragon.  Helmets like these were worn during fires as
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