artifact pick

Staff Artefact Picks filmed by our PR intern, Stephanie!

For the month of April, I’ve been doing my internship at Glanmore National Historic Site and it has been amazing so far. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to film a few short videos of museum staff members highlighting different things at the museum, called artefact picks. These videos are of the staff member featuring one of the many artefacts held in the museum, and they talk about the history of the artef
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Bissel Carpet Sweeper- Artefact Pick

Dave Cox, the museum technician at Glanmore National Historic Site, brought out something that not all of us think about daily. Vacuuming, or some other variation of cleaning, is not always everyone’s favourite thing to do. What’s interesting about Dave’s artefact pick, is that it’s a precursor to the modern-day vacuum. The Bissel carpet sweeper at the museum was made around 1890 and is currently located in the basem
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Kilties Souvenir Album -Artifact Pick

Watch Melissa Wakeling, Education and Marketing Coordinator for Glanmore, as she talks about entertainment in Belleville and the history behind this souvenir album from the Belleville Kilties Band.   The Belleville Kilties Band was formed in 1898 as an offshoot of the 48th Highlanders Band of Toronto. Run by local businessmen T.P.J. Power, the band had forty members. This included a sixteen voice choir, the Clan
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Pike Hook -Artifact Pick

Watch Emma Craig, Public Engagement Assistant and Summer Student at Glanmore, as she explains the relevance of the Moira River and the pike hook to Belleville’s early industries. These days the Moira River is a habitat for a large variety of wildlife in the centre of the city.  It also is an important feature in our community for recreational use and hydroelectric generation. During Belleville’s early set
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Souvenir Booklet -Artifact Pick

Watch Melissa Wakeling, Education and Marketing Coordinator at Glanmore, as she talks about the history of the Bay Bridge and this 1909 Belleville souvenir booklet. The Bay Bridge is an important element of Belleville’s history. Before it was built, people between Belleville and Prince Edward County had to make the journey across the Bay of Quinte by private boat or ferry. In 1887, Belleville earned permission
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