Step Aboard the Shorelines Shuttle

Step Aboard the Shorelines Shuttle

shoreline shuttle in front of Glanmore

Discover a new way to see the best of Belleville aboard the City of Belleville’s new Shorelines Shuttle.

You can hop-on-hop-off during the approximately 50 minute round trip tour. The tour takes you along Belleville’s beautiful waterfront, throughout East Hill, uptown and ends downtown, stopping at some of Belleville’s most popular places to visit, dine, shop and enjoy, including Glanmore National Historic Site, Meyer’s Pier, and the Shorelines Casino! Get yourselves in the gambling mood on your way to the casino by having a look at something like Klasino casino to increase your chances of winning big. What could be better than winning some extra money that can be spent again at the Shorelines Casino?

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Back on track, throughout your ride you can learn about the history of Belleville’s beautiful East Hill, heritage homes and buildings throughout the City, the 25 great ‘Belleville Bucket List’ experiences for you to enjoy, and other interesting aspects of local history. Staff at Glanmore were pleased to assist in researching and writing this new local history tour.

Complimentary passes are available for visitors at the shuttle tour stops. Visitors to Glanmore can request the free passes at the museum’s reception desk. Passes may also be purchased aboard the shuttle for $2.50 per person.

The Shorelines Shuttle service is offered daily from 11 am to 9 pm until September 2, 2018.