New Photo Gallery

Portrait of Horatio H. Couldery

Horatio H. Couldery (1832-1918)

New Photo Gallery

Horatio H. Couldery (1832-1918), Animal Artist

Ever wonder about the artist who painted all the wonderful animal paintings on display at Glanmore National Historic Site?   A  new photo gallery  on our website provides information about Horatio Henry Couldery and features images of his work from the Couldery Collection.

Horatio H. Couldery was one of England’s preeminent Victorian animal artists. Glanmore has 42 paintings by Couldery.   Glanmore’s holdings have been described as one of the “most extraordinary collections of Victorian dog and animal paintings in the world.”

Melissa Wakeling has a Bachelor of Arts from Trent University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Museum Management and Curatorship from Fleming College. Melissa works as Education and Marketing Coordinator at Glanmore National Historic Site in Belleville, Ontario.