Let’s Go to the Museum! (Part 2: A New, New Hope)

By: Danielle McMahon-Jones, Exhibit Development Coordinator

Glanmore’s double drawing room after completion of the plaster restoration project.

Let’s Go to the Museum, again!

Now that you have had some time to explore some of what Canadian Museums have to offer, here is a list of Museums from around the world that have inspired me during Glanmore’s temporary closure.

Glanmore staff are researching new ideas daily, and figuring out how to best serve our visitors when we re-open. We are committed to implementing creative solutions for the challenges we face in the midst of this global pandemic.

Thank you for sticking with us, we eagerly await the time when we can see you all again!

Do you have a favourite online Museum? Share it with us on our social media platforms (FacebookInstagram, Twitter) or email us at glanmoreinfo@belleville.ca

Happy exploring!

Smithsonian Online Exhibition web page

Smithsonian Institute – The Smithsonian Institute is a world leader in developing exhibits and sharing their vast artifact collections. Their online exhibits range from Superheroes to medical history, women’s history, science and technology, science fiction, war and military history, television, and so much more.

English Heritage – Talk about having everything! English Heritage is a charitable organization that cares for historic sites and monuments in Britain, including Stonehenge. They have an amazing YouTube channel that includes fun and informative videos on historic cooking, building, living, dancing, historic make-up tutorials and so much more!

Google Arts & Culture – Google Arts & Culture has amazing virtual tours of Museums, art exhibits, architecture and historic sites from around the world. This is an amazing resource to use to travel the world and learn about multitudes of topics from home.

NASA at Home web page

NASA – The NASA Website has many virtual tours and virtual reality experiences for adults and children! They also feature many educational videos and podcasts.

Google Earth – Google Earth is a computer program people can use to explore the world from above or at a street view. Users can also experience virtual tours on topics they are interested in. If you search an historic event such as “World War II” there are curated tours that will take you to significant places related to that event!

Museum of Broken Relationships web page

Museum of Broken Relationships – The Museum of Broken Relationships is a unique Museum where seemingly random objects are exhibited with one thing in common: the subject matter. The stories of love and loss give everyday objects power to teach people lessons and create windows of perspective. I frequently get lost on their website for hours!

The Louvre – The Louvre is a magical place full of thousands of incredible artifacts and art! With these online exhibits, you can explore what the Louvre has to offer even though it is currently closed to the public.