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Staff Pick: Feature Artifact Videos

Staff Pick: Artifact Feature Videos Learn more about artifacts in our collection from museum staff: Rona’s Picks: Daguerreotype of Edmund Murney Melissa’s Picks: Souvenir Photo Booklet Stereographoscope Mousetrap Danielle’s Picks: Imari Charger Body Basket Doll in BGH Nurse’s Uniform Dave’s Picks:  Can you guess what this is? Charcoal Iron Mary Jane’s Picks:  Harp-Lute Seasonal Staff: Fire Fighter’s Helmet Cocoa Set  Senator Corby’s Chair Pike Hook  
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How Belleville Celebrated Dominion Day – July 1, 1867

How Belleville Celebrated Dominion Day- July 1, 1867 Written by Emma Craig, Public Engagement Assistant This year, we look back on 150 years as a country! There are plenty of celebrations happening all around Canada, but how did people in Belleville celebrate when the announcement was first made? The answer is: very proudly! Before the initial day, Mayor Henry Corby announced that July 1st would be a “day of rejoicing” for the union of the new country. Celebrations started very early on July 1st, the cannon on Court House Hill was fired at 12am to announce the start of the day. At 9am, the Moira Company Band began to play at the Court House steps also in celebration. At 10am, volunteers asse
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Celebrating Women in Heritage

#MuseumWeek is drawing to a close on social media.  It has been very interesting to see how museums around the world have approached the over arching theme of women as well as a variety of daily themes. To honour the last day of #MuseumWeek, and the daily theme of #Heritage, we look to celebrate some of the amazing women who work at Glanmore National Historic Site. Currently there are 5 women working at Glanmore.  Three women work full-time at Glanmore, one works part-time, and another is seasonal.  We sat down with four of the museum’s female staff to ask them about working in the heritage field at the museum. Q:How long have you worked at Glanmore? A: Rona Rustige, curator: 27 years
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Notice of Filming: June 10, 2017

Notice of Filming and Closure Please be advised that Glanmore National Historic Site will be closed on Saturday, June 10, 2017 to accommodate filming at premises. Filming will take place on Saturday, June 10, 2017 between the hours of 10 am and 8 pm. The film, entitled “Carmilla: The Movie.” will be filming scenes at the interior and exterior of the historic site.  Parking will be in the private lot on location and excess parking will be along the east side of Dufferin Avenue, north of Dundas Street and South of Bridge Street East between the hours of 10 am and 8 pm. If you have any questions regarding filming please contact Heather Young, production manager, at 647-882-5386.  To
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Time to Vote for the Museum Dance Off Canadian Champ!

Have you seen our Museum Dance Off video yet? The Museum Dance Off is a quirky online competition that features museum staff and volunteers dancing their way through their respective museum or historic site.  Dancing skills or abilities are not a prerequisite! Museum staff first started talking about participating in this online competition two years ago but timing and workloads prevented it from happening until this year.  For a long time we puzzled over the song choice.  Finally, we settled on The Love Cats by The Cure, a quirky little tune from 1983.  We had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas, making our storyboard and planning for the filming. Our Museum Technician, Dave Cox created some c
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