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Meet our Museum Intern

Meet our Museum Intern Amy Hannah  is from Peterborough, Ontario. She has a Honours Bachelor of Art History from Carleton University. Amy is currently completing her internship requirements for a post-graduate Certificate in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management from Fleming College.  Amy will spend fifteen weeks at Glanmore National Historic Site during the fall and early winter 2017.  Here she will apply her learning and further develop skills in a professional museum environment. We asked Amy a few questions about her internship and career aspirations to get to know her a little better. Q:  Why did you want to do your internship at Glanmore National Historic Site? A:  I wanted an
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Kilties Souvenir Album -Artifact Pick

Watch Melissa Wakeling, Education and Marketing Coordinator for Glanmore, as she talks about entertainment in Belleville and the history behind this souvenir album from the Belleville Kilties Band.   The Belleville Kilties Band was formed in 1898 as an offshoot of the 48th Highlanders Band of Toronto. Run by local businessmen T.P.J. Power, the band had forty members. This included a sixteen voice choir, the Clan Johnstone pipers and dancers, and Roderick Bain Mackenzie, their seven-foot tall drum major who lead the band in parades. From 1904-1911, the Kilties played the vaudeville circuit and went on two world tours where they performed in twenty countries. This included two command per
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Pike Hook -Artifact Pick

Watch Emma Craig, Public Engagement Assistant and Summer Student at Glanmore, as she explains the relevance of the Moira River and the pike hook to Belleville’s early industries. These days the Moira River is a habitat for a large variety of wildlife in the centre of the city.  It also is an important feature in our community for recreational use and hydroelectric generation. During Belleville’s early settlement the river was integral to the development of industry. One of the first businesses to be built here was a saw mill, built in 1790 by Captain John W. Meyers. By the early 1830’s, lumber was a booming industry for the area and promoted more settlement in the area. The
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Souvenir Booklet -Artifact Pick

Watch Melissa Wakeling, Education and Marketing Coordinator at Glanmore, as she talks about the history of the Bay Bridge and this 1909 Belleville souvenir booklet. The Bay Bridge is an important element of Belleville’s history. Before it was built, people between Belleville and Prince Edward County had to make the journey across the Bay of Quinte by private boat or ferry. In 1887, Belleville earned permission for a bridge to be built and when it was completed in 1891 it was the longest bridge in Canada at the time. For a short time, toll booths were set up at either end of the bridge that people had to pay to cross. The bridge has changed much over the years; the toll booths were remo
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Prominent People- Runner Ups

Prominent People- The Runner-Ups Written by Emma Craig, Public Engagement Assistant When planning Glanmore’s pop-up exhibit “Celebrating Our City,” in preparation for the Belleville 200/Canada 150 celebrations, we felt that we should highlight figures from Belleville that were significant to our local and national history. It was upon researching this that the staff discovered just how many interesting and important people there were! With only a few spots to fill for the exhibits, some figures had to be cut from the line-up. Fortunately, cyber-space does not have space restraints, so we present some other figures that were important to Belleville’s and Canada’s history but
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