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Glanmore Goes for the Gold in the Museum Dance Off – Vote on May 14

Glanmore Goes for the Gold in the Museum Dance Off On May 14, Vote for Glanmore! The staff and volunteers at Glanmore National Historic Site showed off their funky side in the Canadian finals of the Museum Dance Off Competition last month. They have successfully defended their title as National Champion for the second time, winning with 49% of all online votes in the Canadian finals held on April 17. The Museum Dance Off, hosted by the blog site When You Work At A Museum, was started in 2014 to show that “…museums aren’t dusty, dingy hallways full of creaky old nerds in orthopedic shoes and bowties. They are vibrant, lively places full of talented, creative people who love what they do.” For
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Sir Mackenzie Bowell

Sir Mackenzie Bowell was Canada’s fifth Prime Minister, after being in politics for 25 years. Before winning a seat in the House of Commons, Mackenzie Bowell was a printer’s apprentice. Born in 1823, his family emigrated from England to Canada when he was a boy, and settled in Belleville. Soon after, he became an apprentice at The Intelligencer newspaper. In 1847, he became one of the papers partners and in 1850 he became the editor and would eventually own the paper. Later in his life, Mackenzie Bowell moved into politics, where he became a member of the Dominion Government under Sir John A. Macdonald. He served as a member of the House of Commons from 1867 to 1892, before becoming a Senato
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Staff Artefact Picks filmed by our PR intern, Stephanie!

For the month of April, I’ve been doing my internship at Glanmore National Historic Site and it has been amazing so far. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to film a few short videos of museum staff members highlighting different things at the museum, called artefact picks. These videos are of the staff member featuring one of the many artefacts held in the museum, and they talk about the history of the artefact, where it came from, what it is and why they chose it. I’ll be doing one of my own very soon, so keep your eyes open! Enjoy the videos below!
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Bissel Carpet Sweeper- Artefact Pick

Dave Cox, the museum technician at Glanmore National Historic Site, brought out something that not all of us think about daily. Vacuuming, or some other variation of cleaning, is not always everyone’s favourite thing to do. What’s interesting about Dave’s artefact pick, is that it’s a precursor to the modern-day vacuum. The Bissel carpet sweeper at the museum was made around 1890 and is currently located in the basement with the ‘Maid of all Work’ exhibit, showcasing different cleaning methods and supplies from the early days of Glanmore, when the original owners were still living here. To see this and other artefacts like it, please stop by the museum anytime.
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Boston Pizza Night

Mondays are never the greatest day of the week and after coming home from a long day at work, nobody wants to make dinner. Glanmore National Historic Site is providing a way to beat the Monday blues, by inviting you out for dinner, on Monday, April 16. Between 5 to 8 p.m., 10% of all food sales at Boston Pizza will go to the Friends of Glanmore in support of special projects at the museum. So, bring your family and friends for a night out, to eat some delicious food for a good cause! We hope to see you there!
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