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Time to Vote for the Museum Dance Off Canadian Champ!

Have you seen our Museum Dance Off video yet? The Museum Dance Off is a quirky online competition that features museum staff and volunteers dancing their way through their respective museum or historic site.  Dancing skills or abilities are not a prerequisite! Museum staff first started talking about participating in this online competition two years ago but timing and workloads prevented it from happening until this year.  For a long time we puzzled over the song choice.  Finally, we settled on The Love Cats by The Cure, a quirky little tune from 1983.  We had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas, making our storyboard and planning for the filming. Our Museum Technician, Dave Cox created some c
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Glanmore Heads to the National Dance Off Championships

Glanmore Heads to the National Dance Off Championships Local museum Glanmore National Historic Site’s dance video entry “Glanmore Loves Cats” beat out three other museums to win the Eastern Canada Division of the Museum Dance Off 4 competition on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. The competition is organized by www.whenyouworkatamuseum.com to show that museums are fun and exciting places full of “…talented, creative people who love what they do.” A record 41 museums from around the world have produced dance videos to highlight their museums, artifact collections, staff and volunteers. Glanmore received over 9144 votes, equaling 39% all of the votes received for their division, to become Eastern Canad
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Making Our Museum Dance Off Video

Making our Museum Dance Off  Video In this age of social media, museums need to use new tools to reach audiences and encourage museum goers.  That is the idea behind our entry into the Museum Dance Off 4 competition.  Plus, planning and filming our Museum Dance Off 4 video was a whole lot of fun! Danielle, Glanmore’s Administrative and Collections Assistant  explains why she wanted to participate in a Museum Dance video: Dave, Glanmore’s Museum Technician shows us the “cat-cam” camera mount that he made and explains the idea behind the cat paws and feline POV features in the video. and off course we have a few out-takes as well! In case you missed it, here is our vide
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Museum Dance Off 4: A New Hope

Museum Dance Off 4: A New Hope Glanmore Puts on Their Dancing Shoes The City of Belleville’s Glanmore National Historic Site has done the unexpected.  Staff at the city’s museum has put on their dancing shoes to create a dance video. The video entitled “Glanmore Loves Cats” is entered into an international competition called Museum Dance-Off 4: A New Hope. The Museum Dance Off, hosted by the blog site When You Work At A Museum, was started in 2014 to show that “…museums aren’t dusty, dingy hallways full of creaky old nerds in orthopedic shoes and bowties. They are vibrant, lively places full of talented, creative people who love what they do.” According to Education and Marketing Coordinator
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What Is One Issue Facing Canadian Women Today?

The exhibit “Nice Women Don’t Want the Vote”  examines the history of the suffragist movement in Manitoba.  In 1916, Manitoba was the first of all Canadian provinces to grant some women the right to vote.   Ontario followed suit in 1916.  It is hoped that the exhibit will inspire women, men and children to keep thinking and working for justice and freedom for all in Canadian society. The exhibit asks the question: Here are some of the comments received from visitors: As you can see from the visitor’s comments there are many women’s issues remaining to be resolved.  The exhibit has proven to be quite thought provoking. What is one issue you think Canadian women f
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