Artifact Pick: Mousetrap

Artifact Pick:  Mousetrap

Watch Education and marketing coordinator, Melissa, as she shows her staff pick: a handmade mousetrap.

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This wood and wire mousetrap was made by Andrew Heller.  He came from Germany to live in the Quinte region as a young man in the early to mid 1800s.

The mousetrap is hand-carved with three traps that are triggered by wires.Hand-carved Mousetrap

It is interesting to think that in the past people faced some of the same household problems we have today.  A mousetrap such as this was probably quite effective in dealing with mice in the home.

Heller must have been proud of his handiwork because he carved his initials “A. H.” and the year “1859” onto the back of the mousetrap.965_052_045

The mousetrap was preserved by Heller’s family for over 100 years before they donated it to the regional collection at Glanmore National Historic Site.